Sunday, October 16, 2011


Last night I watched this movie titled SAW for the first time.

THE pychopath.


I know I know. The movie was out around 2004 and I only watched it like what...almost 2012?
I heard it before, but I never really thought about giving it a watch.
Until my friend, Arvin told me he has one complete series of the movie ( 1st to 7th ).

Anyway, I was supposed to not watch it alone,but I couldn't resist the temptation. Heeee sorry Cowwy.
And I regret watching it ALONE!! 

The movie was very....

I mean, what on earth!! This one scene,
The victim was tied up with a chain and given a saw.
And he thought in order to survive, he must cut the chain with the saw.

How on earth to cut a 

with THIS:  

But soon the victim realised that he had to cut his LEG in order to break free, not the chain.
Imagine that in the movie,they showed the process of cutting the leg.

Yes, I can watch psycho movies.
And yes you can shove me with horror movies.
And YES, I still can stand watching TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
But no, not this one. This kind of movies is too much for me maaaaannnn... *groans*
The sole reason why I don't take Biology. The main reason why doctor is out of my ambition list!

This movie is a comeback for me after 'fasting' scary movies for like, 2 weeks. TEEHEE.
It was because of a movie. Highly recommended for you to watch. It is scary.

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