Monday, October 10, 2011

Everytime we touch....

Oh shut it. Just another controversial title.
I am currently listening to "Everytime We Touch - Cascada" while typing this.

Here's the link!

I am supposed to finish my personal statement by tonight. But you know, I didn't think that it is THIS hard to write an essay boasting about yourself. Blergh~  Starting to feel the tense building up here!

You know, lately I've been thinking how far have I strayed...
From my purpose, from my goals, from my faith, from Him.

I do get tired of college life sometimes. I do pray a lot that I will someday be saved from this astray.
It's just the degree of honesty of what I do nowadays that I question myself lately.

I keep listening to my heart 'til I lose my rationality.

You know how I can see good things through bad things? It was an easy cake for me.
Now I have to keep reminding myself to keep me being sanguine.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep... 
 In dreams you will loose your heartaches, whatever you wish for you keep...
 Have faith in your dreams, and someday... Your rainbow will come smiling through...
 No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing..
 The dream that you wish, will come through.....  ~~ Cinderella.

See the quote above?
It's actually a song.
A little girl inside me that believes in having dreams, hopes and faith whispered to me in my dreams last night...
I remember I ended up waking up staring at the ceiling, thinking of what she said.

"Don't regret of what you did" ~ little me.

I guess, these are what my heart had long for such a long time.
Yes, I was shy before to try new things. 
I was shy to try dancing. But my guts said "Just do it, it gets you no harm"
So, I tried that during MKM. How flattered I was when people compliment my dancing *not that it is THAT good*

MKM gala night

I was not brave to sing in front of people, even my friends. Then the next thing I realised, I just finished the whole song.

I was afraid to fall in love again, afraid of getting hurt. But I did anyway... 

I did not have faith that I can still run on the track.... and I ran. and I lost. But I died trying.

The more mistakes that I do, the more new things that I learn. The less hurt that I feel. 

But you see, they are the FUN things that I listened to. I've had enough fun.
Hopefully, now i set my focus on the kind things, the good things, the real purpose of my life.
I will not give up my DREAMS to build a charity home for those less fortunate than me.
Like the song said,
"Have faith in your dreams... If you keep on believing... the dreams that you wish will come smiling through"
My prayers to this child, his family, his nation and his country.

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