Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rogol. Rape.

Just now, my partner in crime so called Ety, told me that today's morning news featured a case about some gang in primary school had raped a standard one girl in Kulim, Kedah.

I mean like whaaaaaaaaaaaaa RAPE!???
Standard one wehhhh  & PRIMARY school gang! WEH WEH WEH!!
What has happened to the world??!

According to the news, the victim was innocently invited to 'play' with the rapers and they pulled off her pants. She was crying the whole time asking them to stop without knowing that she was being raped.

Foolishly, one of the young rapers told about the incident to his friend and that is how the news was spread. The case reached to the teachers' hearing and finally the parents were informed about this.

The girl didn't even know that she was being raped. Poor thing.
Hmmm... I do think now that sex education should start from primary school...

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