Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, truly a bit*h.

Have you ever wondered that karma is really a bit*h?
That it gets back to you sooner or later?

Like when you laugh at someone because he/she trips down, the next day, you fall down twice harder.

Or when you behave badly during your youth, that your children will somehow follow your behaviour in the future?

Or when you hurt a feeling, that yours will be hurt too?

I just hate it when it gets back to me. Well, a lesson that I never should do bad things to others. 
But you see, it is hard when you do it unintentionally and without you even realising it. By then,please tell me how to prevent it from happening. PLEASEPLEASE  PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hurmmmmm.... ooo la-la. I have a blog? Ooooooo! I HAVE A BLOG!
Okay *annoyingly awkward*
Yea, I'm done selling perfumes.

First, too busy to have time to sniff perfumes.
Second, I am lazy to continue.
Third, errrrrrrr refer to first and second.
When was the last time I posted a post? 2 years ago? Wow.

Okay, I'm thinking of re-activating this 'thang' because I find that I have a lot to rant about lately.
Not that something interesting to read. OH WELL.

This is the reason that keeps me pretty uptight these days. 

KDU Song :Dream, dream of your destiny.Wish, wish for the stars above.
Reach, reach for the highest mount
*text goes missing.....'cause I don't remember what else*