Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Imagine that you're a guy (well, if you're a female reader) and your female friend says this to you,
"Let's be just friends" Oooooouuuuhhhhhhhhhh.... CURSED WORDS! (for guys)

FRIEND ZONE informally means

Yeap! You got that right!

Here's the formal definition :

A dating term describing a relation in which one partner wants to become intimate romantically while the other prefers to be just friends. ~ Wikipedia

I'd like to ask men what is their reaction to this?

And I'd like to ask women how many male friends have they friend-zoned before?
Because statistically proven, when asked about
"Can a male and a female be just friends?"
It is the women that mostly said yes.
8 out of every 10 men said NO.

So, this is mostly a men's problem huh? 
Hey, I'm not saying that girls have never been friend-zoned before.
There are minor cases. Very, very minor.

Personally, I think that friend zone is a phase where a man has finally realised that they will never be the man the girl is talking about. Females are generally (and easily) acceptance to having a relation with males without romantically involved. Whereas, males cannot.

TRUST ME when I say, every friendship has to face a phase where either one or both will feel intimacy towards each other. 

If it's both, then it's good.
If it's only one party, uuuuu gotta prepare what's coming ahead mister!

Boys, don't think we don't realise that you have feelings for us.
But once you have been friend-zoned, it is best for us to avoid the topic.
And pretend that we don't know.
As long as you don't bring that up.

Talking from experience, girls, have you ever felt this before?
Like you need him,but you never have a thought of taking it to the next level?
Every time you have a story to share, it is he the one you go for.
Every time you have a problem,it is he you call.
Every time you are alone,it is he you hang out with.
But you still search for THE ONE to be there for you.
Yeah? Been there done that?
You have friend-zoned the FRIEND.
Like you cannot accept even a thought of kissing him 
elsewhere besides the cheek and the forehead. 

Now, how do we able to be with each other without feeling romantic?
I don't know why...it's our nature I guess. =D

Is there a CURE for this? 
Sure there is. I'll spill the beans in the next entry.

Til then. CHIAO!!

The Perfect V-Jay-Jay

OUCHHHHHH!!! WARNING! WARNING!!! This content is not for those with a heart failure.
(Even I skipped watching 'those' scenes)

Anyways, I know I know it's been a loooongg time since I last updated this. Too busy running a marathon of watching "Charmed". Hehe,old school eyy?

Anyways, I was browsing through the internet, and  i stumbled upon
Documentary Heaven webpage.

Since I cannot download the documentary that I watched, here's the link : 

At the very start of the video (okay I'm not used to it sooo...) AAAAWWWWCCHHH! She waxed her below part. Ouch.

Okay, basically this video is about teenage girls in the UK having plastic surgery on their vaginae that the business has skyrocketed over the few past years. Here's a quote from the page,

this documentary focuses on the rise in vaginal cosmetic surgery, specifically labiaplasty. For the uninitiated, labiaplasty involves cutting off the inner labia so that they don’t ‘hang’ below the outer labia.

 Ouch. I don't understand medical terms but I know it must hurts.

Why do they even want to have parts of their vaginae removed?
I understand the surgery helps them psychologically. But there are more ways to embrace their natural bodies rather than having blood gushing out just to fix it surgically. Please watch this video, I could not elaborate more, this entry would be very long.

There's a view in this video from the Muslims' perspective.

I mean, as a Muslim, I personally think that the girl in this video 
should gather her every last pieces of courage 
and have her man knows her mistake. 
She was involved in fixing her hymen (translation : dara)
 surgically after having sex with her then boyfriend. 
Fixing her hymen is the same as lying to her man. 

I believe that every woman is matched with her other half.
 I am sure the other half could eventually accept her mistake. 
After all, seriously woman, change your mentality. 
Losing your hymen is not worse than death. Don't exaggerate. 

And here's another video that I watched about three women being in love with objects.

One is married to the Eiffel Tower.
She has a lover, the Berlin Wall.
And she has a friend who made out with a carnival fun ride called 100 Nacht.
And she's still in love with the Empire State Building and a church fence.

I find this very odd, peculiar,wrong.
But after awhile, I have respect on them for having
sooo much love in their hearts.
Even normal people ignore that quality. 


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New stage.

I bumped into a new word today ; INFATUATION.

Infatuation means an object of foolish or extravagant passion.

Infatuation in a relationship means the love towards the idea of being with someone. Not the love towards someone.

Now, this is something.
A new term that I could use for my endless short relationships?

Or there is no relationship after all?

I catch myself liking someone, A LOT
but I could not bring myself to express it.

Is it because I'm afraid that I might get hurt?
Is it because I just love the idea of being in a relationship (infatuation)?

Monday, November 21, 2011


(what? I'm a girl. And I still have my P license. 130 all the way is fast enough for me.)

Unfortunately I missed the first half.
There was this one goal by an Indonesian dude,
and one goal from BADDROL our young tiger! Aaauuummmmm!!!

And then nothing happened during the second half....
Just a few missed goals here and there.

And they gave 30 mins extra time since it was a tie until the 90th minute.
Fuuuhhhh~ tell me.
My heart almost jumped out TWICE.
Because there were two offside goals from both GARUDA and TIGERS.

And soooo...here came the PENALTY KICKS!
GARUDA missed out two goals.
TIGERS missed one goal (FAKRI's fault!).


Yeaaaa..... I watched football alone while skype-ing with my two BROS, ETY and ADAM.
SAD. Hahaha

Monday, November 14, 2011


I am sooo sorry to be posting about my hopelessness lately.

SOMETIMES it is just soooo hard to stand strong and be tough. 
I think it's not fair to be condemned over one mistake. 
Your whole future is damned ruined because of that single mistake. 
Being double standard and underestimated, are two things that I'm experiencing for the first time.


It was MY mistake, I have regretted, and now I'm snatching every second chances that exist.
Why don't give me one last opportunity instead of condemning?
This is how I recently feel about my lecturers; (screen captured; those in red circles)

One good thing (trying to take things positively,as always. Haih) is that 
I get to learn how to handle rejection (dramatic much!) and underestimation.
This could make me stronger..
And I'm growing TOUGHER! Yeah.

And like my mum said :

"Some people (indirectly referring to me) are at their best when working under pressure"

Ok thanks bye. I have books to be studied!
Maths exam this Thursday! Break a pen Warda!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A thought.

Just having a thought ;

"When you love someone and the feeling is mutual, you don't need to compete to get him/her. There'll be no competition, no testing, no games."

What if the third person makes you think that you're in a game?
Or is it you the third person?


#doubtfulthoughtsaremessingwithmymind.  =/

Saturday, November 5, 2011


There are sooooo much I want to blurt out here that I can't even find words to describe them! Yay!
Long story short...
I started off my day with the shittiest feeling ever...
Not to forget that I'm having a slight fever and heavy flu + sore throat + diarrhea.
And I think I'm reaching that time of the month which made me feel like throwing tantrum out of nowhere.
(It's good it's good to be a girl when you can blame it all on the hormones) =D

And I woke up with the fact dawned on me that today is my parents' 20th ANNIVERSARY!


my mum looks more like a chinese than a malay

So anyway, originally I had a dinner out plan with the girls but I had to cancel on them last minute.
And then that was when it all started. Everyone got frustrated and emo shite.
Everyone started opening their hearts up. Everyone got emotional.
And we had THE talk. You know, the honest talk.
Soon after, it felt soooo good after everyone told each other what were their problems.
You know the feeling of awesome-ness when you were at the bottom of the wheel,
then you blurt it all out and suddenly you feel like you're at the top again?

I wanted to do speeches about these people but then it will be too draggy.
These people are just.....AWESOME.

10 years of friendship. One decade weh!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Seksualiti Merdeka!!

Seksualiti Merdeka adalah suatu acara tahunan mengenai hak seksualiti yang diadakan di Kuala Lumpur, dengan kerjasama segabungan NGO Malaysia (di antaranya Malaysian Bar Council, SUARAM, Empower, PT Foundation, United Nations, Amnesty International) dan individu-individu. Kami mengadakan bengkel-bengkel, perbincangan, pemutaran filem, penulisan surat dan hal-hal yang lain berkaitan seksualiti. Kami menggunakan istilah 'Seksualiti Merdeka' untuk mengingatkan bahawa walaupun kita telah berpuluh tahun Merdeka, namun tidak semua rakyat Malaysia yang dapat melahirkan diri mereka yang sebenar. 
Kami percaya bahawa setiap orang di Malaysia berhak untuk bebas dari diskriminasi, keganasan ataupun gangguan hanya kerana orientasi seksual dan identiti jantina mereka. Kami percaya bahawa kita semua berhak untuk bertanggungjawab terhadap tubuh kita sendiri. Kami percaya setiap orang berhak untuk menyayangi dan disayangi, sama ada dia gay, lesbian, biseksual, transgender, heteroseksual, aseksual, pansexual dan sebagainya. 
PS: LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender!


Eh hello! Ini eastern country! Bukan WESTERN! Gilo munggggg...
AT least if you want to claim your rights, no need to do it like this okay.
Even in the States this has become an issue for them, 
what more us, the eastern Muslim country!

Okay lah, to be fair, even if we were not a Muslim country,
this IS still an issue!
We have already face a lot of moral problems, 
we seriously don't need this. 
This is like what? Encouraging Malaysians to commit sexual deviation?
Not like youngsters nowadays can think properly act rationally.
Lagi mau racun pemikiran kitorang ke?
You can have your rights, do it quietly.
We don't always get what we want.

As a Muslim, I personally think this is a big embarrassment 
towards Malaysia as a Muslim country
if this rally happens.
Not that I am against nor I support this kind of sexual desire,
but please... to have a rally on this kind of matter,
is just too absurd.
We are still easterners, we're supposed to show the Western people
how to behave as a rational human-being, not to follow them. 

Just my two cents of thought.
Let's focus more on how to develop the country
instead of entertaining this crap issue.
And if this happens, later on the drug addicts
also wanna have a rally fighting for your their freedom to have drugs?
Hey I'm just saying.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jealousy is in the air.

Ok so I was browsing through Facebook with a lot of things on my mind.
And I found this Facebook page of an ex-schoolmate of mine (and it all started with stalking my friend's brother. TEEHEE I'm such a stalker I feel bad)   =p

Anyway, continue. I browsed through her pictures reminiscing the old times we had. And this one picture she took a shot with her college friend. Caption is "My new partner in crime"
And below it, her best friend from high school commented "You've found new friends. I feel sad" 

This made me think, how many of us actually had this feeling before? Sense of inferior, intimidated, jealousy, fear  of a best friend having a new best friend? 

I should know, because it happened to me. Just recently, I do, I really feel bad for forgetting to wish my best friend's birthday on time. I feel really really really bad about it. And I apologised and I hope she accepts it. But my concern is, she thought wrongly that my absence of wish was because I don't remember her as frequent as I used to. 

She made this Facebook status that hit straight on me "Saya tahu saya ni takdalah cool macam kawan kawan awak yang lain tu (I know I'm not as cool as your other friends)"   Not even one second that I thought of comparing my friends! Call this an excuse, but I seem to lose track of time very easily nowadays, and it was entirely my fault for forgetting her birthday. But to think that I compare them, is just a shallow judgement. 

I don't know. At one point, when I saw my best friend giving more attention to other friends, it made me jealous for awhile. But I came to learn not to bother. 

When you are special to someone, you know you will always reserve a place in her life.
I read this once

"Guys go flirt with all girls all day long. But in the end, he knows where he belongs to"
The same concept applies to friendship.

"The only unsinkable ship is FRIENDSHIP"

So, will you let your friends to have new friends?

p/s : I thought of putting pictures of those close to me, but it seems that I keep getting more special people in my life. Someday maybe I'll compile those pictures into an album. Plus, I don't need pictures to tell how special they are to me. =)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Nothing exciting is happening to me currently. Why ohhh WHYYYYY????
Got a lot of studying to do. And friends to catch up with.

"Warda you better score!!! Go fly to UK and find a husband!"  Okthanksbye.

BTW, I can't get this word out of my head.


and no, I am not a pervert. It means CAR BOOT you perv! 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rogol. Rape.

Just now, my partner in crime so called Ety, told me that today's morning news featured a case about some gang in primary school had raped a standard one girl in Kulim, Kedah.

I mean like whaaaaaaaaaaaaa RAPE!???
Standard one wehhhh  & PRIMARY school gang! WEH WEH WEH!!
What has happened to the world??!

According to the news, the victim was innocently invited to 'play' with the rapers and they pulled off her pants. She was crying the whole time asking them to stop without knowing that she was being raped.

Foolishly, one of the young rapers told about the incident to his friend and that is how the news was spread. The case reached to the teachers' hearing and finally the parents were informed about this.

The girl didn't even know that she was being raped. Poor thing.
Hmmm... I do think now that sex education should start from primary school...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

RiRi and CB.

According to perezhilton.com both Rihanna and his abusive ex, Chris Brown, are nominated in the same Soul Train Award Category. Hmmmmm.....AWKWARD.

According to the source:
The pair are both in the running for Best Dance Performance, Rihanna for "Only Girl in the World" and "What's My Name?" while Brown for "She Ain't You!"

I don't think Rihanna should be anywhere near Mr Brown. Nu-ah. Not a good idea. NOT that she will be physically abused AGAIN.But you know, the emotional attack might have just affect her on the night. 
Oh well, if she decides to go, wa caya lu lah! Means she has grown stronger than ever.

Don't get me wrong. It's not like I condemn Chris Brown or what. I still listen to the both of them. And I personally feel that I like if the both of them got together again.Who knows Chris might just have changed?

Ouh, Rihanna made this video song which reminds me of her love story with Chris Brown. 

Click HERE to watch We Found Love by Rihanna and Calvin Harris. ENJOY.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Sometimes, it's not all about understanding the voices. It's about understanding the silence and what it hides inside. Silence doesn't always mean ignorance. Who knows, you might appreciate more once the silence is understood. =)
Facebook update on 21/10/2011.

Feel awesome having a status like that =D
*I'm being quirky,don't mind me thankyou*

And yes, it is meant for someone. I rest my case.



not the type to be played with.

Silence doesn't mean ignorance.
and I'm tired of these games.

Just another one I might say goodbye to.

p/s : Reconsidering life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


STRESSED. Imagine your whole future is ruined because of that one mistake you made. Like you're being punished for your whole life for not being able to reach their expectations that one time, and second chances don't matter anymore. As if your ability is judged based on that mistake only. Come, be in my shoes. Feel how crappy I feel right now.

The above is my Facebook status on 19th Oct 2011.
I feel.................shitty. Crappy. Down. Frustrated. Angry. Indescribable.

Honestly, I feel like I have no future anymore after I receive my Advanced Subsidiary results.
It was not good enough. In fact, it was very bad if compared to my previous achievements.
I am not boasting here, no intention at all.
But before, I never failed to score Aces.
But sometimes, you need to be at the very bottom of the wheel, to feel what others feel.
To know how to rise from fall.

But all I feel and know now is that, people are judging me based on my failure.
On that very one mistake that I made.
Yes, it was my fault. And yes, I am given a second chance to rise up again.
But I feel like my second chance means nothing, like it doesn't matter anymore to them.\
Like if you're a failure, you will always be one.

I am concerned, very worried about my forecast result.
My uni application depends heavily on that.
What's the point of having good results in the end if your forecast sucks?
Uni offers based on that! How am I going to leave for UK if I don't even get conditional offer!
What's the point of me struggling to get good results if I don't get a conditional offer???


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perverted statement xD

Hihihi I was surfing the internet when I suddenly found this:

*The last line kinda my favourite. Shhhhhh! Hahahah*

Well, it is still TRUE!

Like Islam,it never forces people to have faith in what it teaches.
It is totally up to your wisdom.
So, don't be frightened or doubtful to ask yourself about the Creator.

Like hijab, it is not a compulsion, I am not forced. 
It's just my......choice. My protection. =)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Muhammad KhuzaiLAST.

oK Ok. The title is not his name. Hahaha.


Wish he was mine *sigh*

Just a quick update:
This little man here is my aunt's.
He is sooooo special because he's what we called 'The Accidental Bullet'.

My aunt is reaching 50s and she did not plan to have small kids anymore. *except grandchild is acceptable*
And then, suddenly this 'bullet' made his way through and wallah!~  Muhammad Khuzairin!!
*name is not finalised yet, that is what we call him, temporarily*
KhuzaiLAST was suggested with hopes that she will not get pregnant after this.
So bad yet sooo funny! Hahahaha!

My aunt had been hiding her pregnancy,but what to do.... KANTOI. Hahaha.
I was super excited to see this one and I don't know why...

Guess, my mother instinct is becoming stronger nowadays? Hmmmmm... *freaks out* 


Last night I watched this movie titled SAW for the first time.

THE pychopath.


I know I know. The movie was out around 2004 and I only watched it like what...almost 2012?
I heard it before, but I never really thought about giving it a watch.
Until my friend, Arvin told me he has one complete series of the movie ( 1st to 7th ).

Anyway, I was supposed to not watch it alone,but I couldn't resist the temptation. Heeee sorry Cowwy.
And I regret watching it ALONE!! 

The movie was very....

I mean, what on earth!! This one scene,
The victim was tied up with a chain and given a saw.
And he thought in order to survive, he must cut the chain with the saw.

How on earth to cut a 

with THIS:  

But soon the victim realised that he had to cut his LEG in order to break free, not the chain.
Imagine that in the movie,they showed the process of cutting the leg.

Yes, I can watch psycho movies.
And yes you can shove me with horror movies.
And YES, I still can stand watching TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE.
But no, not this one. This kind of movies is too much for me maaaaannnn... *groans*
The sole reason why I don't take Biology. The main reason why doctor is out of my ambition list!

This movie is a comeback for me after 'fasting' scary movies for like, 2 weeks. TEEHEE.
It was because of a movie. Highly recommended for you to watch. It is scary.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Resentment on the hearing/sight of the word 'CLAMP'

You know, my lovelaaayyyy car, The Matrix, she got clamped today on the right front wheel.
I mean like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   ^%T7u587I&BU%VI^RVI&^V$657657bbvt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is, please la, don't make up stories such as "Kami dapat complaints dari itu owner pukul 3.30" when the truth is we only arrived there around 4.10 pm!. A**hole.
I was more than ready to burn my RM100 when suddenly you kept giving us excuses, Geez~

Luckily my day *and my RM80* was saved by Leela, Lyna, Waiyee and Mim. We divided the RM100 between the five of us.

BUT STILL! I had to eat maggi for dinner. Wuwuwuwuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hate joooo hate joooo hate joooooo Uncle Clamper! Eeeeekk!

My high taste car. She scratched a BMW Z4 before. Therefore,she's a legend.  =D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Walking on different path, towards the same goal.

What do you do when you live in different worlds?

Different customs, different skin colour, different diets, different faith.....

Everytime we touch....

Oh shut it. Just another controversial title.
I am currently listening to "Everytime We Touch - Cascada" while typing this.

Here's the link!

I am supposed to finish my personal statement by tonight. But you know, I didn't think that it is THIS hard to write an essay boasting about yourself. Blergh~  Starting to feel the tense building up here!

You know, lately I've been thinking how far have I strayed...
From my purpose, from my goals, from my faith, from Him.

I do get tired of college life sometimes. I do pray a lot that I will someday be saved from this astray.
It's just the degree of honesty of what I do nowadays that I question myself lately.

I keep listening to my heart 'til I lose my rationality.

You know how I can see good things through bad things? It was an easy cake for me.
Now I have to keep reminding myself to keep me being sanguine.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you're fast asleep... 
 In dreams you will loose your heartaches, whatever you wish for you keep...
 Have faith in your dreams, and someday... Your rainbow will come smiling through...
 No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing..
 The dream that you wish, will come through.....  ~~ Cinderella.

See the quote above?
It's actually a song.
A little girl inside me that believes in having dreams, hopes and faith whispered to me in my dreams last night...
I remember I ended up waking up staring at the ceiling, thinking of what she said.

"Don't regret of what you did" ~ little me.

I guess, these are what my heart had long for such a long time.
Yes, I was shy before to try new things. 
I was shy to try dancing. But my guts said "Just do it, it gets you no harm"
So, I tried that during MKM. How flattered I was when people compliment my dancing *not that it is THAT good*

MKM gala night

I was not brave to sing in front of people, even my friends. Then the next thing I realised, I just finished the whole song.

I was afraid to fall in love again, afraid of getting hurt. But I did anyway... 

I did not have faith that I can still run on the track.... and I ran. and I lost. But I died trying.

The more mistakes that I do, the more new things that I learn. The less hurt that I feel. 

But you see, they are the FUN things that I listened to. I've had enough fun.
Hopefully, now i set my focus on the kind things, the good things, the real purpose of my life.
I will not give up my DREAMS to build a charity home for those less fortunate than me.
Like the song said,
"Have faith in your dreams... If you keep on believing... the dreams that you wish will come smiling through"
My prayers to this child, his family, his nation and his country.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

You overshadowed my excitement. Thanks a lot.




p/s : Please, your playfulness is starting to get me. It's good to be playful at times,but too much of it can make anyone sick.

p/p/s : I was super excited when I heard that my face is up on a billboard and I was supposed to write about it, but now I just feel pissed.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Yes, truly a bit*h.

Have you ever wondered that karma is really a bit*h?
That it gets back to you sooner or later?

Like when you laugh at someone because he/she trips down, the next day, you fall down twice harder.

Or when you behave badly during your youth, that your children will somehow follow your behaviour in the future?

Or when you hurt a feeling, that yours will be hurt too?

I just hate it when it gets back to me. Well, a lesson that I never should do bad things to others. 
But you see, it is hard when you do it unintentionally and without you even realising it. By then,please tell me how to prevent it from happening. PLEASEPLEASE  PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hurmmmmm.... ooo la-la. I have a blog? Ooooooo! I HAVE A BLOG!
Okay *annoyingly awkward*
Yea, I'm done selling perfumes.

First, too busy to have time to sniff perfumes.
Second, I am lazy to continue.
Third, errrrrrrr refer to first and second.
When was the last time I posted a post? 2 years ago? Wow.

Okay, I'm thinking of re-activating this 'thang' because I find that I have a lot to rant about lately.
Not that something interesting to read. OH WELL.

This is the reason that keeps me pretty uptight these days. 

KDU Song :Dream, dream of your destiny.Wish, wish for the stars above.
Reach, reach for the highest mount
*text goes missing.....'cause I don't remember what else*