Sunday, October 16, 2011

Muhammad KhuzaiLAST.

oK Ok. The title is not his name. Hahaha.


Wish he was mine *sigh*

Just a quick update:
This little man here is my aunt's.
He is sooooo special because he's what we called 'The Accidental Bullet'.

My aunt is reaching 50s and she did not plan to have small kids anymore. *except grandchild is acceptable*
And then, suddenly this 'bullet' made his way through and wallah!~  Muhammad Khuzairin!!
*name is not finalised yet, that is what we call him, temporarily*
KhuzaiLAST was suggested with hopes that she will not get pregnant after this.
So bad yet sooo funny! Hahahaha!

My aunt had been hiding her pregnancy,but what to do.... KANTOI. Hahaha.
I was super excited to see this one and I don't know why...

Guess, my mother instinct is becoming stronger nowadays? Hmmmmm... *freaks out* 


  1. not fair awak dah tgk baby cik lina!!!!!!

  2. Yayyyy! Kita balik semata-mata dia ni kut hahahah