Thursday, October 13, 2011

Resentment on the hearing/sight of the word 'CLAMP'

You know, my lovelaaayyyy car, The Matrix, she got clamped today on the right front wheel.
I mean like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa   ^%T7u587I&BU%VI^RVI&^V$657657bbvt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing is, please la, don't make up stories such as "Kami dapat complaints dari itu owner pukul 3.30" when the truth is we only arrived there around 4.10 pm!. A**hole.
I was more than ready to burn my RM100 when suddenly you kept giving us excuses, Geez~

Luckily my day *and my RM80* was saved by Leela, Lyna, Waiyee and Mim. We divided the RM100 between the five of us.

BUT STILL! I had to eat maggi for dinner. Wuwuwuwuuuuuuuuuuuu

Hate joooo hate joooo hate joooooo Uncle Clamper! Eeeeekk!

My high taste car. She scratched a BMW Z4 before. Therefore,she's a legend.  =D


  1. BB ! i baru tau yang, your MAT is actually a female ! HAHAHA