Saturday, November 5, 2011


There are sooooo much I want to blurt out here that I can't even find words to describe them! Yay!
Long story short...
I started off my day with the shittiest feeling ever...
Not to forget that I'm having a slight fever and heavy flu + sore throat + diarrhea.
And I think I'm reaching that time of the month which made me feel like throwing tantrum out of nowhere.
(It's good it's good to be a girl when you can blame it all on the hormones) =D

And I woke up with the fact dawned on me that today is my parents' 20th ANNIVERSARY!


my mum looks more like a chinese than a malay

So anyway, originally I had a dinner out plan with the girls but I had to cancel on them last minute.
And then that was when it all started. Everyone got frustrated and emo shite.
Everyone started opening their hearts up. Everyone got emotional.
And we had THE talk. You know, the honest talk.
Soon after, it felt soooo good after everyone told each other what were their problems.
You know the feeling of awesome-ness when you were at the bottom of the wheel,
then you blurt it all out and suddenly you feel like you're at the top again?

I wanted to do speeches about these people but then it will be too draggy.
These people are just.....AWESOME.

10 years of friendship. One decade weh!

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