Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jealousy is in the air.

Ok so I was browsing through Facebook with a lot of things on my mind.
And I found this Facebook page of an ex-schoolmate of mine (and it all started with stalking my friend's brother. TEEHEE I'm such a stalker I feel bad)   =p

Anyway, continue. I browsed through her pictures reminiscing the old times we had. And this one picture she took a shot with her college friend. Caption is "My new partner in crime"
And below it, her best friend from high school commented "You've found new friends. I feel sad" 

This made me think, how many of us actually had this feeling before? Sense of inferior, intimidated, jealousy, fear  of a best friend having a new best friend? 

I should know, because it happened to me. Just recently, I do, I really feel bad for forgetting to wish my best friend's birthday on time. I feel really really really bad about it. And I apologised and I hope she accepts it. But my concern is, she thought wrongly that my absence of wish was because I don't remember her as frequent as I used to. 

She made this Facebook status that hit straight on me "Saya tahu saya ni takdalah cool macam kawan kawan awak yang lain tu (I know I'm not as cool as your other friends)"   Not even one second that I thought of comparing my friends! Call this an excuse, but I seem to lose track of time very easily nowadays, and it was entirely my fault for forgetting her birthday. But to think that I compare them, is just a shallow judgement. 

I don't know. At one point, when I saw my best friend giving more attention to other friends, it made me jealous for awhile. But I came to learn not to bother. 

When you are special to someone, you know you will always reserve a place in her life.
I read this once

"Guys go flirt with all girls all day long. But in the end, he knows where he belongs to"
The same concept applies to friendship.

"The only unsinkable ship is FRIENDSHIP"

So, will you let your friends to have new friends?

p/s : I thought of putting pictures of those close to me, but it seems that I keep getting more special people in my life. Someday maybe I'll compile those pictures into an album. Plus, I don't need pictures to tell how special they are to me. =)


  1. oh you got yr kdu friends :/ awak dah lupa kita HAHAHAHAH no no .just kidding. well am i included in that 'special people' list? hehe bye missyou loveeeeee

  2. Eh! Ya Rabbi dah lama baru kita perasan comment ni hahah! Of course darling! You know you always are. =)