Monday, November 14, 2011


I am sooo sorry to be posting about my hopelessness lately.

SOMETIMES it is just soooo hard to stand strong and be tough. 
I think it's not fair to be condemned over one mistake. 
Your whole future is damned ruined because of that single mistake. 
Being double standard and underestimated, are two things that I'm experiencing for the first time.


It was MY mistake, I have regretted, and now I'm snatching every second chances that exist.
Why don't give me one last opportunity instead of condemning?
This is how I recently feel about my lecturers; (screen captured; those in red circles)

One good thing (trying to take things positively,as always. Haih) is that 
I get to learn how to handle rejection (dramatic much!) and underestimation.
This could make me stronger..
And I'm growing TOUGHER! Yeah.

And like my mum said :

"Some people (indirectly referring to me) are at their best when working under pressure"

Ok thanks bye. I have books to be studied!
Maths exam this Thursday! Break a pen Warda!

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