Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Imagine that you're a guy (well, if you're a female reader) and your female friend says this to you,
"Let's be just friends" Oooooouuuuhhhhhhhhhh.... CURSED WORDS! (for guys)

FRIEND ZONE informally means

Yeap! You got that right!

Here's the formal definition :

A dating term describing a relation in which one partner wants to become intimate romantically while the other prefers to be just friends. ~ Wikipedia

I'd like to ask men what is their reaction to this?

And I'd like to ask women how many male friends have they friend-zoned before?
Because statistically proven, when asked about
"Can a male and a female be just friends?"
It is the women that mostly said yes.
8 out of every 10 men said NO.

So, this is mostly a men's problem huh? 
Hey, I'm not saying that girls have never been friend-zoned before.
There are minor cases. Very, very minor.

Personally, I think that friend zone is a phase where a man has finally realised that they will never be the man the girl is talking about. Females are generally (and easily) acceptance to having a relation with males without romantically involved. Whereas, males cannot.

TRUST ME when I say, every friendship has to face a phase where either one or both will feel intimacy towards each other. 

If it's both, then it's good.
If it's only one party, uuuuu gotta prepare what's coming ahead mister!

Boys, don't think we don't realise that you have feelings for us.
But once you have been friend-zoned, it is best for us to avoid the topic.
And pretend that we don't know.
As long as you don't bring that up.

Talking from experience, girls, have you ever felt this before?
Like you need him,but you never have a thought of taking it to the next level?
Every time you have a story to share, it is he the one you go for.
Every time you have a problem,it is he you call.
Every time you are alone,it is he you hang out with.
But you still search for THE ONE to be there for you.
Yeah? Been there done that?
You have friend-zoned the FRIEND.
Like you cannot accept even a thought of kissing him 
elsewhere besides the cheek and the forehead. 

Now, how do we able to be with each other without feeling romantic?
I don't know why...it's our nature I guess. =D

Is there a CURE for this? 
Sure there is. I'll spill the beans in the next entry.

Til then. CHIAO!!

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