Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pffft! It ain't easy and it's o-gleyy (ugly).

Yes, sure, whatever...

Many people warned me about the hardship of doing business.
Still, I didn't listen to them.
So, serve me right!!

I could be as bald as he is you knoww, if this keeps going on. Haha

I mean, you have to be here and there AT THE SAME TIME~

Penatt awhh...

Plus, I don't have any car to transport me anywhere.

I'd love to have this!!

Not to mention, I don't even have a driving license yet!!! Gosh, I'm awful! Haha.

Okay okay, I am NOT COMPLAINING. This blog is posted to tell you what my family and friends said, was right.


No, I'm not going to give up.

Yes, it is not easy to convince people.
It is not easy to sell products.
It is not easy to go anywhere transport-less.
It is just not easy to do business.
It is just not as easy a s I thought.

But you know what?

I actually love doing this.

You know, being busy and all. =)
I don't mind the hardship of it,
not to mention money I spent to pay transportation costs.

And this is just a BEGINNING
My experimental business.
I know it's going to be wayyyy harderrr when I set up my own real company.

Let's just pray that I'm going to be well prepared by then. =D

But it's all going to be worth it, isn't it?

I am so thankful, grateful for the people who have been supporting me all the wayy through this. My Abah, my Mak, my siblings, my friends, and my clients. =) Thankyouu, very very muchh.


  1. bravo bravo.

    Oh you're welcome ;DD

    im always supporting you cousin.

    Iloveyou way too much than i love one drop perfume.heeeh

  2. started doing buisness? ;D
    woahh wish u best of luck ^^
    yeah dont mind about the others..
    and dont give up~!