Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My First Job, My First Business, My First Survival Step.

You know how I moaned about not having a plan in my life? Haha.
True, you had to bear with it.

So, after giving a not-so-long thought about it,
I decided that this might be a good plan ( for people who don't have plans, like I am)
to give it a try as the first field work before, you know, college starts. *groans groans*

AAAAHH! Why did I choose business field as my course? I asked myself.
I answered, I don't really know why. My horoscope says that Leos are good in making money.

=_____=" Pathetic enough. *more groans*

Ok, stupid ramblings, kau senyap!

And so, I really think that I should give this one a shot, not in literal way. Haha.
The purpose of it is so..... I could know whether business path is the right path for me....
or it's a mistake, again. Haihh.

Ok, ok. Maybe I should just burst it out.
Yeah, I'm a dealer now. Perfume dealer.......... *silence*

Warda, the girl with no ambition now have a job.
(My parents would probably say, "Awwwhh. You're just joking.................right?)
Whatodo? Story of my life....

But talking about it makes me all fired up!!

Yes, I'm a perfume dealer now and I'm selling stuff!
(Actually this is the only reason why I create this blog) *SMILE*

One Drop Perfumes. Heard of it?

Just one drop and you smell good all day.
Without addition of alcohol and water, pure oil.
Suitable for moslems to perform prayers.
Inspired by international and designer brands (DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Britney Spears etc)

8 or 4 different perfumes each set.
Usage of Miniature Roll On which is portable.
Scents that are widely known without having to spend hundreds of Ringgits.

Better yet, they're the cheapest in town!!

And the best is, I'm selling WAYYY CHEAPER than that!

I should post a blog about the price after this.
You can see the huge difference between the price that I offer
and the price they suggested me to sell.

My objective is not to gain money, it's all about gaining experience.
So, OBVIOUSLY my price is not high.
You really should take advantage. ^_^

Perfume Dealer. *Kiss hugs kiss hugs*

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