Monday, September 19, 2011


Hurmmmmm.... ooo la-la. I have a blog? Ooooooo! I HAVE A BLOG!
Okay *annoyingly awkward*
Yea, I'm done selling perfumes.

First, too busy to have time to sniff perfumes.
Second, I am lazy to continue.
Third, errrrrrrr refer to first and second.
When was the last time I posted a post? 2 years ago? Wow.

Okay, I'm thinking of re-activating this 'thang' because I find that I have a lot to rant about lately.
Not that something interesting to read. OH WELL.

This is the reason that keeps me pretty uptight these days. 

KDU Song :Dream, dream of your destiny.Wish, wish for the stars above.
Reach, reach for the highest mount
*text goes missing.....'cause I don't remember what else*

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