Thursday, February 2, 2012

7 things that could make a girl go cold-hearted.

Sometimes I prefer having no feelings at all than weeping over emotions. 

Truth is spilled. Time to make a crucial decision. Hard to move on, even harder to let go.

Not the best move I cherish. But the rightest thing to do.

"Everybody's looking for that something.
One thing that makes it all complete.
You find it in the strangest places.
Places you never knew it could be.

Some find it in the face of their children.
Some find it in the lover's eyes.
Who can deny the joy it brings.
When you find that special thing.
You're flying without wings."  

Still finding for that special thing. 

It may come when you don't look for it.


Top 7 things that makes a girl to stop doing what girls do best, viewing life from her heart.

1)  Rough childhood experience

2) Betrayed by people who she had given her trust to.

3) She is rejected when she really loves someone

4) She forgets how does it feel like to live life.

5) Power craze. She forgets what women are supposed to be. Caring and selfless.

6) High expectation. When she demands high, she could be really mean.

7) The most common reason, she's getting tired of her every bit of emotions. Usually caused by failing in love life, constantly. In simple words, when she gives up hopes on love...

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